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If you are new to flying or wish to brush up your skills after a period without flying then we have a Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) and a club training aircraft. Our aircraft is a Sig Kadet LT - 40 see picture below.

Initially you will be able to fly the club trainer to see if you think that flying is for you and then after you have bought your own model our CFI will be able to teach you to fly it using a buddy box system. A buddy box is a system whereby you can link two radio transmitters together which allows the student to fly and the instructor to take over should the student get into trouble and hopefully not crash the model.

In order to use this system it is necessary for both transmitters to be of the same make, as a result it is vital that you speak with the CFI before buying any equipment as he will be able to advise you on what radio and models are suitable for novices.

The BMFA also have Nationally accepted training certificates, A & B which after initial training you can advance to. In addition our club Chairman, Stephen Greenwood, is an accredited BMFA examiner who can test your skills and award these certificates when you achieve the required standard. Details of these certificates can be found by clicking on this link.

WYMFC's Trainer the Sig Kadet LT - 40

A buddy box system could be hard wired or wireless
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